Best 4k Projectors For Home Theater 2020

In this article we’re going to be checking out the five best 4k projectors for home theater 2020, you can buy right now. I made this list based on my personal opinion and hours of research and I’ve listed them based on video quality performance features and price. I’ve included options for every type of user so whether you’re looking for an affordable 4k projector or a premium native 4k projector. We’ll have the 4k projector for you.

5. Optoma UHD50

Optoma UHD50, Best 4k Projectors For Home Theater 2020

Features of Optoma UHD50

  • Built-in Speakers: It comes with two five-watt speakers but you’ll want to hook it up to a quality sound bar for the full cinematic experience.
  • Ultra-Resolution Feature: It sharpens the picture for greater quality.


It’s one of the most affordable 4k projectors with HDR available. The Optoma UHD50 delivers a surprisingly nice picture especially with the 0.47-inch DKP chip for the deepest black levels in its class. Considering the price point the overall picture quality will impress you with nice sharp images with sufficient color saturation and contrast.

There’s plenty of setting options plus several preset modes including the ultra-resolution function which essentially sharpens the picture. One of the biggest advantages the Optoma UHD50 has going for it is its short throw distance to fill a 120-inch diagonal screen. The projector can be as little as ten and a half feet away. So, just because you have a smaller space doesn’t mean you can’t have a bigger picture. Unfortunately, even though it’s rated at 2,400 lumens ambient light tends to degrade.

The image quality so to have the best viewing experience. You’ll have to watch in a near dark room or you may consider the higher ended Optomal UHD60 which fares much better with ambient light while still delivering a great picture.

  • Brightness: The optimal UHD 50 is rated at 2,400 lumens.
  • Fan Noise: It’s one of the quietest fans in its class.
  • DKP CHIP: 0.47 inch Produces great black levels
  • Ambien light: Picture quality degrades quite a bit with ambient light.
  • Rainbow Artifacts: Although rainbow artifacts are very low it can be more noticeable at times.

Why Optoma UHD50

If you’re looking for an affordable 4k projector the Optima
UHD 50 is one of the cheapest available it delivers nice sharp images with
sufficient color saturation and contrast. It has some nice features like the
higher ended ultra-resolution to enhance your viewing experience. It’s a great
entry-level projector that doesn’t break the bank and with the short throw
distance. It’s perfect for small spaces.

If you’re looking for something not 4k that’s a budget option you may be interested in the MSC A100 mini projector. It’s a great 1080p option for under $150. It’s about the size of a normal tissue box or large book. So, you can easily take it with you anywhere. In addition, it’s also mountable if you want to use it as a home theater projector. Although the quality won’t be close to as good as these 4k projectors. It’s more than acceptable for the price range for those scared off by the price tag of these 4k projectors. It’s a great option.

4. BenQ HT3550, Best 4k Projectors For Home Theater

 BenQ HT3550, Best 4k Projectors For Home Theater 2020

Features of BenQ HT3550

  • Cinematic Color Technology: The dci-p3 which is one of the factory calibrated color accurate projector and it is one the newest form of technology. It provides larger and visible spectrum.
  • The LG Beam: the extra features our DLP technology. It uses the same DLP tech as 90% of cinemas and 100% of IMAX theaters uses.
  • 10 Element Lens Arrays: It uses specialized all glass lens grouping to provide better light penetration for the best-in-class sharpness color quality and clarity.


The fourth product on our list is the BenQ HT3550. This is a great 4k projector for dark rooms with so many great streaming options. You have the choice to stay at home to watch great movies and TV shows. If you want to make the most of your streaming content with a great home theater room projector, the BenQ HT3550 delivers a wonderful 4k performance especially in dark rooms. It’s currently priced at $1500.

The projector itself is well made with an exceptionally sleek design that will complement any living room or theater room. BenQ HT3550 pulls out all the stops to pack in, as much tech as possible under the hood to deliver a great cinematic viewing experience. You’ll find setting it up a breeze and right out of the box the cinematic color technology is factory calibrated to be color accurate. So, you can enjoy your movie night right away.

It uses the same DLP technology used by movie theaters and even IMAX theaters. So, you know, it’ll look great in your own home theater room. It weighs only 9.4 pounds making it also completely portable. It even comes with dual five-watt stereo speakers onboard. So, you can take it to the backyard for movie night without having to lug a separate sound system as well for even greater portability options with Wi-Fi speakers.

  • 4k: Incredible clarity and crisp defined details with 3840 by 2160 resolution.
  • Display: Brilliant 4k UHD display plus HDR 10 + HL g4 an awesome picture.
  • Value: Incredible performance and amazing 4k video quality for the price makes it great value for the dollar.
  • Brightness: In a dark room the brightness is great however for use in full or partial ambient lit environments the brightness suffers.
  • Fan Noise: The projector emits some fan noise but it’s not too disruptive and easy to forget at medium volume levels with impressive specs.

Why BenQ HT3550, Best 4k Projectors For Home Theater 2020

The BenQ HT3550 delivers a clear vivid 4K image that’s perfect for dark home theaters for a great night out at the movies without going out. If you are looking for a great 4K projector then BenQ HT3550 is a great choice for you.

Optoma UHD 60

Optoma UHD 60, Best 4k Projectors for Home Theater

Features of Optoma UHD 60

  • True Ultra 4K: It’s the real deal stunning details vibrant colors and rich saturation.
  • Vertical Lens Shift: Simplifies installations without image distortion. So, you have more options on you put the projector.
  • Dynamic Black Technology: You’ll get more depth to your image with a stunning high contrast ratio. Bright scene appears crisp and clear while dark scenes remain detailed with deep blacks and exceptional light and shade details.


The third product on our list is the Optoma UHD 60. This is our best value per dollar 4k projector. If you’re ready to test the waters of a 4k UHD projector for your home theater. But don’t want to jump in the deep end financially speaking then the Optoma UHD60 stretches your home theater dollar to give you the biggest bang for the buck.

You’ll enjoy true 4k UHD 3840 by 2160 resolution and with HDR 10 compatibility. You’ll get bright whites deep blacks and lifelike colors that give the higher-priced LG Cinebeam a run for its box office ticket hookup an Ultra HD Blu-ray and you’ll be blown away by the incredible sharpness of the images from the bright 3000 lumens with cinematic color.

The detail levels clarity and pixel density are best in class best of all unlike the Ben QHT 3550. The Optoma UHD 60 also looks great even in lit rooms so movie night can happen any time of the day even without having to be in the dark.

  • HDR: With the highest dynamic contrast ratio and highest an SI lumen rating. The HDR performance is incredible considering most projectors in its price bracket don’t even have HDR support.
  • Ultra-Bright: The Optoma is bright enough even in well-lit rooms.
  • Long Lamp Life: The lamp is rated for up to 15,000 hours that’s a lot of binge-watching. In fact, it’s about 4 hours a night every day for 10 plus years. If you’re a Netflix fan then this could be the projector for you.
  • Rainbow Effect: Common to DLP home projectors the rainbow effect can cause a slight shimmer of a rainbow on bright whites in high contrast scenes.

Why Optoma UHD 60 The Best 4k Projectors For Home Theater 2020

If you’re looking for a Best 4k Projectors For Home Theater 2020, for your home theater at an attractive price then the Optoma UHD 60 delivers true ultra 4k and HDR that’s best-in-class giving you incredible bang for your buck.

2. LG HU80KA 4K UHD CineBeam Projector

LG HU80KA 4K UHD CineBeam Projector

Features of LG HU80KA 4K UHD CineBeam Projector

  • Smart TV: Comes with LG’s exclusive Smart TV streaming content platform with premium movies, TV shows and more from the most popular content providers.
  • Magic Remote: Makes navigation a breeze.
  • Screen Share: Share videos wirelessly from compatible devices.


The second product on our list is the LG LG HU80KA 4K UHD CineBeam Projector. This is our best home 4k theater projector. It doesn’t look like any projector you’ve probably ever seen and it functions like no other projector you’ve probably seen either. Its unique as it is versatile for anyone that wants to enjoy a premium theater experience in any room of your home. The $2,200 LG HU80KA 4K UHD CineBeam Projector is a must-have laser projector.

You’ll love the design of the projector but you’ll love the picture quality. It delivers bright detailed 4k cinematic display up to 150 inches by using lasers and not traditional bulbs and you’ll notice the stunning difference. The versatility of the design is unmatched the top of the projector is an adjustable mirror that redirects the image. So, whether it’s on a coffee table mounted on your ceiling mounted on the side of your wall or with its short throat distant standing upright on your floor. It doesn’t matter just angle the mirror and with the automatic keystoning feature. You’ve got a perfect picture instantly.

For pure decadence leave it on the bedroom floor buy back and enjoy some bedtime movies projected on your ceiling. LG’s motto is life’s good with the CineBeam, it certainly is, once locked down. The convenient metal handle on top makes it extremely portable with built in Wi-Fi built-in speakers and LG’s webOS with Smart TV streaming built-in. All you need is the CinaBeam’s power cable for instant big screen cinema anywhere.

  • Video Quality: Amazing ultra 4k with HDR 10 on a 150-inch screen.
  • Versatility: You can place it or mount it just about anywhere.
  • All-In-One Design: With built-in Wi-Fi and speakers webOS for streaming you’ve got basically a home theater in a box for absolute portability.
  • Lasers: Unfortunately, most laser projectors have about 20,000 hours of viewing time that’s about 15 years of Netflix INC. But it should be noted that lasers can’t be replaced.

Why LG SineBeam HU80KA, Best 4k Projectors For Home Theater 2020

The LG SineBeam HU80KA is simply dazzling in both form and function making a simple movie night epic. It is by far one of the Best 4k Projectors For Home Theater 2020, available for anyone that wants an epic projector.

Sony VPL-VW295ES

Sony VPL-VW295ES

Features of Sony VPL-VW295ES

  • Motorized Lens: It has a motorized 14 element 2.0 six times zoom lens with powered zoom lens shift and focus lens.
  • IMAX Certified: For IMAX enhanced content 3d supports full HD 3d playback.


The first product on our list is the Sony VPL-VW295ES. This is our best native 4k projector under $5,000. If you’re looking to upgrade to an ultimate home theater projector that delivers native 4k vs. pixel shifting 4k that’s found on lower end models then the Sony VPL-VW295ES 4k home theater projector can bring the big-screen cinema experience right into your home. The $5,000 price tag may seem a little steep but it’s one of the least expensive native 4k projectors on the market.

Imagine watching your favorite movie or sports on a giant screen up to 300 inches in native 4k and an HDR. You’ll get a picture that is incredibly lifelike with corner-to-corner clarity. You’ll also enjoy noticeably better color from the expanded color space that most 4k projectors don’t offer. If you love watching content in HD are 10 the VP lvw 295 ES can automatically detect any HDR 10 content and switch to the proper mode and color space so you don’t have to manually adjust anything except enjoy the show.

You’ll also get better overall brightness without those murky dark scenes with Sony’s electro-optical transfer function or IOT F. You’ll notice the visibly darker blacks even on those really dark scenes so now you can go back to those Game of Thrones episodes and see what’s actually happening. It’s also a great gaming projector with a 27-millisecond lag. It doesn’t come close to the minimal lag on gaming monitors but playing big sports titles for hockey baseball or football brings an incredible stadium feel to the games on the big screen.

  • Native 4k: It has full 4096 by 2160 resolution.
  • Color Space: It has a wide color gamut rated to 127 percent rec 709 100% DCI p3 color space for incredibly vibrant and accurate colors compatible with HDR 10 and HL G HDR content.
  • Settings Powered Lens: Has no lens memory settings for constant image height setups.
  • Lumens: 1500 lumens is lower than many competitors although Sony’s IOT F curve feature delivers an overall brighter picture.

Why Sony VPL-VW295ES, Best 4k Projectors For Home Theater

So, if you want a Best 4k Projectors For Home Theater 2020, for your theater room the Sony VPL-VW295ES delivers one of the best cinematic experiences right in your home, popcorn not included.

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