Best Bass Bluetooth Speaker 2020

We’re going to be sorting out the five Best Bass Bluetooth Speaker 2020, you can purchase proper now. I made this list based on my private opinion and hours of research and I’ve indexed them primarily based on length capabilities and rate. I’ve covered options for every type of customer so whether you’re searching out a bass Bluetooth speaker for chilling on your very own or a effective birthday party speaker with booming bass for the beach we’ll have the product for you.

NS Soundboom Mini

NS Soundboom Mini Best Bass Bluetooth Speaker 2020

Features of NS Soundboom Mini

  • Decent Battery Life: 5-hour playback.
  • Passive Driver Speakers: Increase the effects of the bass giving you a surprising amount of oomph.
  • Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 uses advanced antenna design to provide a wider range and faster Bluetooth connection


Extra Big Sound of the Best Bass Bluetooth Speaker

The fifth product on our list is the NS sound boom mini. This is our best budget bass Bluetooth speaker if you’re looking for extra big sound from a small portable Bluetooth speaker that’s extremely budget friendly the NS sound boom mini may be the perfect option for you. It may be many but the bass from it really booms. Currently priced at just thirty dollars.

Dual Channel Based Sleek Design of Best Bluetooth Speaker

You’ll be amazed that the sound quality is surprisingly good given its size and price. The 5-watt sound is much louder than you’d expect because of the dual channel passive driver that makes it sound like, it’s coming from bigger speakers. It also pushes the bass on either side with its dual channel-based design that really resonates and fills the space well. Although at max volume the sound boom mini does struggle with keeping the same audio clarity as some higher-end speakers. It does deliver more than acceptable sound quality in almost all of their situations. So, unless you’re really into your music you very likely won’t mind.

Bluetooth 5.0 of Best Bass Bluetooth Speaker 2020

It’s also one of the few Bluetooth speakers under $100 that has Bluetooth 5.0. besides being low energy and having great connectivity, it also means that if you had a couple of these sound boom minis you can play your tunes at the same time on both speakers. It’s great for larger spaces or for instant big stereo sound that really punches out the bass. You’ll find the silicone gel skin is really nice and feels great. It’s also durable and water resistant which means that as long as you’re not putting the speaker completely underwater it’ll be fine.

  • Bluetooth: Better range and performance with Bluetooth 5.0.
  • Price: Priced under $30 and performs way out of its price range.
  • Size: Only about 3 by 3 by 3 inches cubed.
  • Not Waterproof: The speaker cannot be submerged underwater.
  • Max Volume: At high volumes audio doesn’t sound as crisp.

Why NS Soundboom Mini

If you’re looking for a budget Bluetooth speaker that performs outside of its price range and delivers considerable bass loud enough that volume won’t be an issue but small enough to take with you almost anywhere this might be the Bluetooth speaker for you.

Oontz Angle 3XL

Oontz Angle 3XL Best Bass Bluetooth Speaker 2020

Features of Oontz Angle 3XL

  • Sound Quality: 34 watts power output for high-quality volume in a large space from dual 2.75 inch stereo drivers 2 precision tweeters and three base radiators.
  • Bluetooth: Incredible 100-foot Bluetooth range.
  • Versatile: Connect with a second oontz angle 3 XL to provide simultaneous sound from both speakers


Great Bluetooth Functions of Best Bass Bluetooth Speaker 2020

The 4th product on our list is the Oontz Angle 3XL. This is our best base Bluetooth speaker for outdoors. If you’re a bass head looking for a great Bluetooth speaker for camping or taking to outdoor activities then you won’t want to miss out on the Oontz Angle 3XL. It’s got great sound you can turn quite loud and delivers some great thumping bass. That’s rich and full to fill the open spaces. Currently priced at $100. The 3 XL is built rugged for the outdoors with high quality sound. That’s distortion free even at maxed volumes to fill the great wide open.

Dual Stereo Drivers of the Best Bass Bluetooth Speaker 2020

You’ll love how the awesome digital audio processor delivers impressive mids and highs from the combination of dual stereo drivers. And a pair of precision tweeters best of all combine that with the 3 bass radiators and you’ve got powerful tunes with great dynamic range with some serious low-end thumping for the bass lovers. Plus, you don’t have to keep it to close. The 3XL has an insane Bluetooth range of up to 100 feet letting you keep your devices in a safe place without sacrificing the music.

Play Music In 2 Separate areas with This Bluetooth Speaker

You love you’ll love how you can wirelessly connect a second three XL speaker. So, you can play music in two separate areas. When the party grows or you need to fill bigger spaces. If your party needs a little more oomph for just one speaker then you’ll want to check out the Sony GTKXB 90 with 360 watts of power and dazzling lights.

  • Resilient Design: Rated IPX 5 splash proof rain proof and built rugged.
  • Battery: Up to 8 hours of playback.
  • Versatile: Connect with a second oontz angle 3 XL to provide simultaneous sound from both speakers
  • Bluetooth Range: Performance can suffer a little near the end of its 100-foot range.

Why Oontz Angle 3XL

If you love bass and you’re looking for a great Bluetooth speaker. That’ll pump out the heavy bass beats for your camping trips garden parties or even just your own home shine the Oontz Angle 3XL is a great option for you. It delivers some great thumping bass that’s rich and full without Distortion even at maxed volumes.

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Sony GTK-XB90

Sony GTK-XB90 Best Bass Bluetooth Speaker 2020

Features Sony GTK-XB90

  • Powerful: 360 Watts power output for loud punchy sound.
  • Connectivity: Connects with Bluetooth 4.2 NFC or USB for wired Connections.
  • Microphone Port: Plug in a mic and you’ve got instant karaoke for the party.


Best for Parties Best Bass Bluetooth Speaker 2020

The third product on our list is the Sony GTK-XB90. This is our best bass Bluetooth speaker for parties. If you love deep punchy bass and want a Bluetooth speaker that can handle the booming bass of the songs you love. Then the Sony GTK-XB90 is perfect for you with its extra bass technology that will give your house parties nightclub sound. Currently priced at $350. The XB90 adds power to every bass line with some serious low-end performance to create deep punchy bass that gets people dancing with just a simple press of a button.

Portable and Flexible 2 Way Setup of Best Bass Speaker

Everyone will be blown away by the resounding bass. You’ll love how portable it is so you can have that great bass sound wherever you go. The one box design with built-in handles makes it easy for you to carry and party anywhere. Plus, the flexible 2-way setup gives you great sound either standing up or place sideways. Even if the party starts to move the XB90 got you covered with up to 16 hours of continuous playback with its built-in battery.

Great Lighting Effects of the Best Bass Bluetooth Speaker 2020

When the Sun Goes Down kill the lights and let the Sony GTK-XB90 wow everyone with its infinity mirror lighting that creates incredible lighting effects that’ll bring your favorite tracks to life.  You can even customize the lighting effects on the fly from both the Sony Music Center and fiestable apps. So, you’ll always be in control of your party with either a Bluetooth or NFC connection.

  • Bass cannon extra base functionality to add serious power to your bass lines.
  • Battery: Up to 16 hour playtime from a single charge.
  • Lights: Infinity mirror lighting adds a visual component to your music and can be customized through the app.
  • Heavy: Weighs a hefty thirty-six and a half pounds.

Why Sony GTK-XB90

If you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker that can pump out some serious bass for your get-togethers. The Sony GTK-XB90 is the perfect party speaker for you that can deliver the thundering bass beats to kickstart your party indoors or even outdoors with its built-in battery.

Sonos Move Best Bluetooth Speaker

Sonos Move

Features of Sonos Move

  • True Play technology: Itself calibrates by analyzing its own environment.
  • Connectivity: Built-in Wi-Fi with Alexa and Google assistant plus it’s the first Sonos with bluetooth and has seamless integration with other Sonos systems.
  • Battery: Up to 10 hours of playback.
  • Bass Station: Comes with an elegant docking station.  


Best Bass Home Theater Speaker for Party

The second product on our list is the Sonos Move. This is our best bass Bluetooth speaker for the home. If you’re looking for a living room worthy speaker that can deliver a wide soundscape with deep resonating bass then the Sanos Move may be the best choice for you. Currently priced at $400. The stylish Sanos Move is a premium speaker that delivers exceptional sound for anywhere in your home and with its built-in battery you can even have music for your deck or backyard.

Portable for Outdoor the Best Bass Bluetooth Speaker 2020

If you’re looking for a more portable speaker with ample umph for larger or noisier outdoor gatherings you’ll be interested in the JBL boombox one of the most powerful portable Bluetooth speakers around. You’ll find the Sonos move is very stylish on its own but you’ll love the whole presentation with the included elegant docking base that functions like a little stand. It’s quite versatile so the move also works in a stereo pairing or as part of the Sonno system in a multi room group. So, you will love up music playing in multiple locations without missing a beat.

Smart Features of the Best Bass Bluetooth Speaker 2020

You’ll appreciate all its smart features especially the built-in mic for Alexa and Google assistant integration one of the awesome features. You’ll be wowed with is the true play tuning technology the Sanos Move can self-calibrate by analyzing its own sound output based on its surroundings and automatically reworks the audio to deliver dynamic and rich sounds with plenty of deep lows. Use the Sano’s app to customize the EQ for even more thumping bass for the bass lover in you.

  • True Play technology: Delivers amazing sound quality with auto calibration.
  • Bass Station: Comes with an elegant docking station.
  • Battery: Up to 10 hours of playback.
  • Expensive: High price when seen as a portable speaker but as a home speaker its performance and features are well worth it.

Why Sonos Move

If you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker with exceptional design to sit proudly in your living room but portable enough to take outdoors for get togethers then the Sonos Move is one of the best options for you. Indoors or out the move delivers exceptional sound and deep resonating lows to satisfy bass lovers.

JBL Boombox

JBL Boombox

Features of JBL Boombox

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2 for wireless connectivity and multiple wired connections for both playback and charging.
  • Dual Mode: Comes with indoor and outdoor modes.
  • IPX7 Rating: Waterproof up to three feet of water.


Portable and Waterproof the Best Bass Bluetooth Speaker 2020

The first product on our list is the JBL Boombox. This is our best overall bass Bluetooth speaker. If you’re looking for the most powerful portable Bluetooth speaker for the patio pool beach or tailgate party then the JBL Boombox is one of your best choices with monstrous sound and hard-hitting bass and waterproof up to 3 feet of water. Currently priced at $400. The JBL Boombox is the ultimate pool party boom box with up to 24 hours of booming sound from a single charge.

Classic JBL Design of the Best Bluetooth Speaker

You’ll find the design to be classic JBL with fabric and plastic to keep it waterproof and the build quality is quite exceptional with some serious weight on it. So, it won’t get knocked over easily when the party gets going. But the sturdy handle still makes it convenient for easy portability there’s only a few buttons to keep the look streamlined with most functions being able to be controlled on their mobile app.

Sound Quality and Extra Bass

You’ll find that sound quality really is amazing and full coming from the four active transducers. If you’re a bass lover. You’re going to love how the extra bass kicks in when you’re outside from the two bass radiators especially when you switch on the outdoor mode. As with other portable JBL speakers you can use the JBL connect plus feature to wirelessly connect multiple JBL speakers for some really great immersive sound.

  • Resilient Design: Sturdy and capable of being submerged in water without damage.
  • Battery: Up to 24-hour playtime
  • Sound Quality: 2, 4-inch woofers dual high-performance tweeters and a powerful 30 watt amplifier delivers clear monstrous sound even at louder volumes.
  • JBL Connect Plus: Connect wirelessly to other compatible JBL speakers.
  • No EQ: No EQ customization even via the app.

Why JBL Boombox

If you’re looking for a great Bluetooth speaker for great tunes by the patio pool beach or tailgate party then the JBL boombox is one of your best choices. It’s one of the most powerful portable speakers around and delivers monstrous sound and hard-hitting bass to keep the party going.

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