Best Indoor Security Camera 2020

In this article, we’re going to be checking out the Best Indoor Security Camera 2020 or best wireless security camera system, you can buy right now. I made this list based on my personal opinion and hours of research. I’ve listed them based on recording, quality, features and price. I’ve included options for every type of consumer. So, whether you’re looking for budget level, home security cameras or multi-unit system. We have the product for you.

Wyze Cam Best Indoor Security Camera 2020

Wyze Cam Best Indoor Security Camera 2020

Features of Wyze Cam

  • Livestreaming: The Wyze Cam can livestream 1080p anywhere you are.
  • Cloud: This camera can record incidents and store them in the cloud for 14 days.
  • Night Vision: Includes infrared night vision to monitor in the dark.
  • Voice control: This camera includes support for Alexa and Google assistant.

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The fifth product on our list is the Wyze Cam. This is our best budget indoor security camera. The $25 Wyze Cam is one of the smallest home security cameras on the market. And has the same key performance and features as many security cameras more than twice its price.

Measuring 2.2 by 1.9 by 1.9 inches. The Wyze Cam is not only small and discrete. But it’s also extremely versatile. The base of the camera allows you to raise and swivel to face any direction. And its magnetic base allows you to stick it to any metal surface. The camera records 1080p video with a 110-degree viewing angle and has an optional eight times zoom day and night.

The video is sharp with minimal distortion and the infrared LED capture night vision up to nearly 30 feet. Unfortunately, this camera only records in 10FPS, which is not as smooth when compared to the 30 FPS recordings of other cameras. But for the most part is adequate for home security purposes.

The Wyze Cam works with Alexa and Google assistant. So, you can use your voice. To see who’s at your front door or how your baby’s doing. And through the Wyze Cam app, multiple family members can access the camera’s livestream and video recordings.

  • Affordable: The Wyze Cam provides great video quality at a very low price.
  • Cloud: Comes with free cloud storage for important incidents.
  • Motion: Trigger has auto motion detection and saves events automatically.
  • 10 FPS Recording: The Wyze Cam records video at 10 FPS. Which can be choppy compared to 30 FPS of other security cameras.

Why Wyze Cam

Despite its diminutive size and bargain price. The Wyze Cam offers a wealth of features, including motion tracking, two-way audio free cloud storage and a micro SD card slot for storing your video locally. Making this one of the best budget indoor security cameras, “hidden home security cameras” on the market.

EG3 IP Best Indoor Security Camera 2020

wireless home security cameras

Features of EG3 IP Indoor Security Camera

  • Coverage: This camera can capture 355 degrees of coverage with a 112-degree wide angle lens.
  • Night Vision: With nine built in infrared LED for bright night vision. It secures your home night and day.
  • Motion detection: This camera can send motion detection alerts directly to your smartphone with push notification.
  • Two Way Audio: Two-way audio to communicate with people remotely or use as a baby cam.


The fourth product on our list is the EG3 IP Indoor Security Camera. This is the best value per dollar. Indoor security camera. If you’re looking for a 1080p full HD security camera with Night Vision and built-In Wi-Fi. The EG3 IP Indoor Security Camera is a great choice for its quality versatility and its list of features.

The EG3 IP Indoor Security Camera provides peace of mind. With dependability, great hardware design and incredible features to ensure your home is protected. The 1080p full HD camera has 9 built in infrared LED for bright night vision. Providing crystal clear images to secure your home both night and day. A 112-degree wide angle advanced glass lens, combined with a 355-degree horizontal and 115-degree vertical rotation range. Provides complete 360-degree coverage of your room with its built in Wi-Fi.

The EG3 can also send push notifications to instantly alert you. When the motion detection is triggered. The camera can also be used remotely to change the camera’s viewing angle. Two-way talk is an added security feature to communicate remotely or it can be used as a baby cam and monitor.

  • Coverage: The EG3 IP covers 355 degrees horizontally with 115 degrees vertical rotation for complete 360-degree coverage.
  • Features: It comes with an array of great security features to protect your home 24/7.
  • Affordable: Incredible value for a 1080p full HD security camera with built-In Wi-Fi.
  • App: Currently there is no dedicated IOS app.

Why EG3 IP Indoor Security Camera

EG3 IP indoor security camera offers complete peace of mind with full HD, with night vision and motion detection. And with a full array of features making it a great choice for best wireless home security camera system.

Ring Stick Up Cam Best Indoor Security Camera 2020

Ring Stick Up Cam

Features of Ring Stick Up Cam

  • Wireless: This camera’s wireless form factor makes it easy to place anywhere.
  • Alexis Support: This camera includes support for A.I. assistants such as Alexa
  • Quality: This camera records excellent 1080p video with vivid detail.
  • Strong App: The smartphone app includes a lot of great features to keep your home safe.

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The third products on our list is the Ring Stick Up Cam. This is our most versatile indoor security camera. If you’re looking for Jack of all trades, security camera, the Ring Stick Up Cam offers you the perfect solution.

This camera can be used indoors or outdoors. And his wireless battery operated, making it one of the most versatile security cameras on the market for a price of $100. The stick-up cam was built to be durable. It can handle the elements well from rain to snow and high winds without suffering damage.

The camera records 1080p video with a decent 115-degree field of view. Daytime video boasts some great color and detail quality with no blurriness, and the black and white night vision video is equally sharp without any blown-out highlights that might otherwise ruin recordings.

The Ring Neighbor’s app allows for multiple user access and multiple ring cameras. Wired or wireless versions can be used together to create a full home security network. The Ring stick-up cam also includes great features. Such as Two-Way Talk, Real-Time Notifications and Support for Alexa for convenience.

There’s also a quick release switch that lets you swap out the removable battery pack. On the downside, there’s no option to store videos locally on the device, which may be a problem if the location has slower internet or no access to internet.

  • Versatile: Wireless and convenient, which allows it to be placed indoors or outdoors.
  • Durable: This camera can withstand extreme weather ecosystem.
  • Multiple Wired and Wireless: Ring cameras can be linked together to create a total security network.
  • Storage: There is no option to store videos locally on the device.

Why Ring Stick Up Cam

The Ring Stick Up Cam is one of the most versatile security cameras you can buy on the market and includes several great features that allow you to monitor your home inside or out with a single or multiple unit.

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Arlo Q Best Security Camera

Arlo Q Indoor Security Camera

Features of Arlo Q

  • Controlled: Via smartphone app and allow you to have push notifications sent in case of an incident.
  • Quality: 1080p video recording quality is very sharp and detailed.
  • App: The security app works with the camera to push notifications to your smartphone.
  • Field of View: This camera offers up a better than standard 130-degree field of view.

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The second product on our list is the Arlo Q. This is our best overall indoor security camera. The Arlo Q offers a combination of top video quality and software, as well as the most powerful options for motion and sound detection. That pushes its value past its $150 price tag, making it one of the best overall indoor security cameras money can buy.

The Arlo Q camera is responsive and reliable with a 1080p HD resolution motion and sound alerts. Two-way talk Night vision and activity zones. One of the biggest perks is that the Arlo Q offers free seven-day event-based cloud storage, which eliminates extra monthly storage subscription costs for most average users.

The camera’s design features a strong stand mouse with a ball and socket joint that pivots and positions accordingly.

The baseplate features a convenient magnet that allows it to secure to a metal surface without the need for screws or double-sided tape. The camera shoots with a 130-degree field of coverage and picture quality is excellent with enough vivid details to make out faces and objects even at a distance.

  • Mount: The magnetic mount makes placing the camera an easy affair without manual install motion.
  • Detection: This camera offers excellent motion detection technology.
  • Video: This camera records excellent 1080p video with extremely sharp detail.
  • Cloud: The Arlo Q offers free seven-day cloud storage.
  • Storage: This camera lacks a micro SD card slot for local storing of recordings.
  • Night vision: The Arlo Q night vision isn’t the best in its class, Although it’s one of the most expensive security cameras on the market.

Why Arlo Q

The Arlo Q is a great value for the level of video quality, power and flexibility it offers because most users won’t need to pay anything additional for cloud storage. This camera is a solid long-term investment for home security.

Arlo Pro 3 Best Indoor Security Camera

Arlo Pro 3

Features of Arlo Pro 3

  • Quality: This camera records video at 2K resolution.
  • Field of View: This camera offers a 160-degree field of view for more coverage.
  • Spotlight: This camera includes an integrated spotlight.

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The first product on our list is the Arlo Pro 3. This is our best indoor security camera system. The Arlo Pro 3 offers a double cam system with great functions and features that work together at $460. It is a pricier proposition compared to the previous models on our list, but the double unit offers expanded indoor and outdoor coverage well beyond a single camera setup.

The Arlo Pro 3 records at 2K twenty-five sixty by fourteen forty pixels with support for high dynamic range, which is a major improvement from the 10 ATP cameras. This adds an extra layer of sharpness to the picture that lets you pick out key details in a scene and allows for better video quality even in very dark or bright areas.

The 160-degree field of view is very good and a step up from the Arlo Q we covered previously. Other functions include a noise canceling two-way audio system and a build Siren for emergencies.

The Arlo Pro 3 also integrates with Google assistant and Alexa for added convenience. The curvy all plastic chassis is robust enough to weather the elements, while installation is easy by a strong magnetic mounting system.

The Arlo Pro 3 uses a smart HUBB, which provides network connectivity between the cameras and your router.

External video storage for camera recordings is enabled by a single USB 2.0 port.

  • Quality: The 2K recording quality of this camera is a nice upgrade from 1080p.
  • Sturdy: This camera well built with a stylish design.
  • Motif Feature Packed: This camera comes with a large host of features for extra versatility.
  • No 4k: For the price it would’ve been nice to have 4K recording quality.

Why Arlo Pro 3

The Arlo Pro is a premium level wireless home security cameras with enhanced image quality, integrated security features and simple app controls that make it a fabulous choice for home surveillance. If you’re happy to invest in a monthly subscription, you’ll benefit “Best Indoor Security Camera 2020” from an extended suite of useful AI features that make the Arlo Pro 3 one of the smartest systems around.

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