Epson XP-340 Wifi Printer Review

We are going to be looking at the Epson XP-340 Wifi Printer Review, copier, and scanner. The Epson XP-340 Wifi Printer is one of the entry-level inkjet printers, and it’s pretty compact measuring, at 15 inches wide by 6 inches tall by about 17 inches deep with the paper tray fully extended. Also, check the HP Officejet 3830 Review.

  • Budget price not expensive.
  • Compact printer.
  • Lightweight and easy to take.
  • Above-par text.
  • Wi-Fi and also Wi-Fi Direct.
  • There is no fax.
  • The printing of photo is slow.
  • High running costs.
  • Lacking an Ethernet port.

Features of Epson XP-340 Wifi Printer

  • This printer is designed to use Epson cartridges, not third-party cartridges or ink, and described as cartridges.
  • Compatible, repeatable, recharged, or rechargeable may not work correctly or at all.
  • Easy navigation – 1.44 “color LCD.
  • Complete wireless solution. Easy printing on iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, and smartphone. It also includes Wi-Fi Direct for network-less printing.
  • Inexpensive Individual Ink Cartridges – Replace Only Expired Cartridges.
  • Paper capacity – 100 sheet paper capacity.
  • Print quickly at 10 ISO PPM (black) and 4.5 ISO PPM (color).
  • Never run out of ink again – The printer has an Amazon Dash replacement that, after activation, monitors your ink usage and orders more from Amazon when you run out.

Plastic Body Design

The printer has a rather understated black plastic body design that’ll blend in with any other electronics you have around the home. Setting it up is relatively simple. Its primary interface is the 1.5-inch color LCD screen on the front.

It isn’t a touch screen like you’d find on other printers, and you’ll have to navigate through all your options and settings using the various buttons on the front panel. And when it came to opportunities for making copies, it has most of the basic options.

Most printers have like enlargement and brightness correction, you’d find on most HP printers. Not a massive issue for most people, but it would have been nice to have, well, this is a wireless printer. And though you can print from any computer or device on your Wi-Fi network.

SD Card and USB Port of Epson XP-340 Wifi Printer

The Epson XP-340 Wifi Printer has an SD card slot on the front left-hand corner, which allows you to quickly insert an SD card from a camera and make prints of your photos. The feature worked flawlessly, and it’s a handy feature.

In addition to connected wirelessly, the printer can also be connected directly to a computer using a USB cable through a port on the back.

The Epson XP-340 Wifi Printer scan bed can also be used to scan documents as large as eight and a 1/2 inches by 11 inches or A4. The scanned copy is then available in several different forms, including a beneficial PDF document.

Epson 288 series cartridges

The printer uses Epson 288 series cartridges, which are installed in this compartment beneath the scan bed. However, I do recommend buying the XL versions of the cartridges. If you plan on printing, often, the cartridges are reasonably priced.

Print Quality and Speed of Epson XP-340 Wifi Printer

When it came to print quality, the Epson XP-340 performed pretty decently; color prints had decent color reproduction and sharpness. It is not the best printer globally, but decent enough for an entry-level machine.

The black and white print quality is also pretty much what you’d expect from a printer at this price. When it came to print speed, it prints black and white pages pretty quickly. However, the most irritating thing is how long the color page just took. You will realize that you have not seen a printer print this slowly.

Open paper tray Design

The open paper tray does work pretty well, but the biggest problem is that paper sheets sit in their paper tray and collect dust over time, mostly if you don’t print very often. And for around this price point, they’re quite a few printers with a closed paper tray.

Another rather irritating or mission seems to be the lack of quick access panels to clear jams from the printer. That doesn’t seem to be a rare, quick access panel like you’d find on many other HP or Canon does.

And this is extremely irritating, especially if you have to clear a jam with a piece of paper stuck somewhere in the back. Now you can somewhat clear the blockage using the access compartment on the front.

The Epson XP-340 Wifi Printer prints color documents way too slowly, and there’s a little more complicated to set up. The back is much easier to set up patterns, color pages, much faster, and producers print calls to lead. That’s comparable to the Epson XP-340.

Final Verdict

It’s clear to us that the Epson XP-340 Wi-Fi printer has its mark. When it comes to printers, it’s really in the barrel, and manufacturers are forced to compromise. But it’s the tuning that sets the XP-340 apart.

It looks great on your desktop and comes in a compact and easy to use format. Prints look great and connect all your devices wirelessly. In terms of basic functionality, this printer ticks all the boxes.

Of course, printing is a bit slow, and you pay a few pennies more for each page. If you require a low volume printer (less than 150 pages per month), this shouldn’t matter much.

If you are printing high volumes, this might not be the best option for you. We recommend that you take a look at our guide to the best monochrome laser printers on the market. They have the lowest cost per page of any printer, making it worth it for high volume users.

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