New Google Pixel 4a Review 2020 Worth Buying

This is the Google Pixel 4a Review 2020, for those of you who don’t know, the, a always comes after the, not a model. And it’s the more affordable one.

So, we had the 3a and the 3axl last year. This time we don’t get an xl option. We just have the 5.8-inch small fella here, and the $349, which is pretty mad for what you get.

Google Pixel 4a Review 2020
  • It’s fast
  • It’s fluid
  • Nice clean operating system
  • Thoughtful little customization
  • Usual dual band WiFi onboard AC Bluetooth
  • Near-field communication (NFC) and LEN
  • Smaller screen probably bigger drawback


We’re going to look at it now. So, what do I mean by that? Well, for $349, you get a phone that works with most, all carriers, 4G LTE. You’re not going to get 5G for this price.

Display, Google Pixel 4a Review 2020

google pixel 4a review

I don’t think a lot of people are going to be heartbroken about that just yet either 5G is by far not ubiquitous yet, but you get OLED display on this at a reasonably high pixel density to 443 PPI.

Nice looking display. My only complaint is that the auto brightness on it is very twitchy. You can be sitting seemingly almost still in a room and it just will change itself. Probably they’ll fix that with an update.

And it’s pretty bright. I mean like Dallas; Texas go outdoors in the sunshine. You can still see it, right. You have to enable on brightness to get the max brightness, which is typical of a lot of phones.

Google Pixel 4a Vs iPhone SE

That’s still, it’s a as bright as the iPhone SE that it competes with so good there. And we have a headphone Jack. Yay that, okay. That’s not to do with price, but it’s just nice to have, but one thing that is nice when you get a pig.

So, you’re guaranteed three years of O S updates. Typically, when you buy an extreme budget phone, you’re, you might not get any OSTP updates or best a year, but probably don’t count on anything.

So, for maybe some of those security updates, so that is nice. Now it looks wise, it’s a pixel and you know, it looks or in the eye of the beholder, but pixels are never really gorgeous looking phones.

Plastic Back Phone, Google Pixel 4a Review

The google pixel 2 xl panda was one of the exceptions kinds of cute. So, this is the basic Brown paper bag of phones only is black. And that’s your only choice, black, just black.

And in fact, they call it just black and it’s a plastic back phone and for the price, that’s fair. And you know what, anybody who’s dropped, one of the expensive slippery bar of soap glass phones might say that this is actually a little bit more relaxing.

You might feel like, okay, not using what the case or something like that. That’s fine. It runs Android 10 and soon to be Android 11 on the snapdragons seven 30 mid range CPU.

So that’s perfectly fine. It’s nothing like it was flagship in terms of speed, but honestly, using this and switching between it and the regular pixel 4, which with a much faster Snapdragon eight 55 CPU, I really couldn’t tell the difference.

It’s fast, it’s fluid. That’s part of what you get with pixels. You get a nice clean operating system, thoughtful little customizations here and there, and that’s about it.

So, you know, you’re not going to regret it in terms of speeding, unless you’re a real 3d game player. If you’re into call of duty mobile and all that sort of thing, those occasional frame jobs might get to.

Screen, Google Pixel 4a Review

The smaller screen would probably be an even bigger drawback. And that’s one thing about phone. You have to like a small screen to use it. And there are people who have small pockets, small hands, small budgets, and they all go together in this phone.

If you are looking to spend around this price in Android land in the United States, the OnePlus North is not out yet, and it’s actually more expensive than, than this is too.

But the Samsung eight 51 and a 71 movie, its closest competitors, the 51 being a little smaller, but both of those are bigger screen affordable phones. So worth a look.

If you want something with a bigger screen later on in the fall, he will be a five G version of the pixel for a physical size difference. I don’t know, we’ll have a bigger screen, probably we’ll run the Snapdragon. Same seven 65 G just like the one plus Nord.

Upcoming Google Pixel 5a Mobile

And of course, this fall also see the pixel 5 models, which hopefully again, will come in two sizes for those like me who prefer a bigger screen phone. You do get a fingerprint scanner on the back.

It’s a capacitive kind. So, it’s very fast. It’s maybe not super secure as the ultrasonic one, but good enough for most people. There is no facial recognition, scanning login, let alone the very fancy 3d kind that the regular pixel for users.

It’s not waters resistant, no IP rating on this phone. And there’s no wireless charging, which for the price is absolutely fair. Other creature comforts, you might not expect on a phone in this price range or stereo speakers, the earpiece and the bottom firing speaker work together.

And you have an always on display and lift away for the display too. You’ve got your usual dual band wifi onboard AC Bluetooth, five L E N, NFC for Google pay and all that sort of thing.

But what you really want to know about probably as a, camera’s a lot of people who buy pixel phones, well, they buy them for the cameras. So, we have a single shooter on the rear 12.2 mega pixel, fairly fast if 1.7 lens on it.

Old Fashioned Time Phone

And so, you’re not going to get, you get portrait mode, but you get the old-fashioned time from a couple of years ago when we had single lens camera phones, right?

So you’ll see in some of the portrait mode pictures that it creates artifacts around the edges of things or notches out part of the flower and all that sort of thing compared to the pixel 4 not a, which does have the dual lens system for figuring out in portrait mode and his head and shoulders better there.

But other than that, this takes very competent photos. Then the night mode photos are really good.

Colorful the property Illumination to make things look good, but not to artificially over illuminated regular photos say you’re just taking a, you know, the main lens picture, very competent.

You’re not going to get the amount of crystal clarity maybe that you would get on the pixel forest and the sharpness. And the dynamic range is a little bit less.

But it’s still for a phone that’s $349 very good. Now the iPhone SE would be its competitor again in the, not just the price range here, but in the sizes range and also in the camera quality range.

And the SE is no slouch. It also thinks very good photos for its $399 price tag between the SE and this really, I think it’s mostly which operating system you prefer, but the SE you’re going to get a much faster processor with the Apple processor that’s onboard and you’ll get a prettier phone, but a more dated looking phone.

Google Pixel 4a No Bezel

The Pixel 4a has almost no bezel. So, it looks more modern from the front. And since it doesn’t have the pixel for his fancy facial recognition system. It doesn’t need that little forehead up top that the pixel 4 has.

The camera can shoot 4K video. And it’s actually pretty good in part because of they have both electronic and optical image stabilization. You don’t usually see optical image stabilization at this price.

So, you’ve got smooth footage, relatively good detail again for a phone in this price range fairly well done, especially considering pixels really focused on photo quality, more than video quality.

It’s perfectly acceptable. The front camera is an 8 megapixel. There’s a little hole punch cutout for it is at 2.0 lens. It’s okay, you know, it’s adequate.

So, Battery life, that was the Achilles heel of the pixel for particularly the 4 and not the 4XL, which had a smaller battery than this one.

So here you’ve got not very demanding display in terms of resolution and a mid-range CPU and a 3140-million-amp battery.

Bottom Line

In fact, it’s not exceptional, like nothing I’ve ever seen before, but it’s quite good. iPhone SE territory and it will match some flagships even because of the less demanding internals. It supports 18-watt fast charging, and you do get the 18-watt fast charger in the box. So that’s the pixel 4a, for $349. It’s really hard to do better unless you’re an iPhone person and you want the iPhone SE and as long as you’re okay with a small phone, because these days, this size phone seems downright tiny. So this was little bit about the new Google Pixel 4a Review.

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