The New Super Cool Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Review

This is the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Review. It’s thermals, it’s battery, even accidentally it’s strength. The huge camera module does get in the way a bit when trying to game. It’s almost perfect.

And I could say that about a lot of things with this phone, the size feels just right. It wouldn’t make it bigger because just fits in hand, but It also wouldn’t make it smaller because when you’ve used a screen like this, you don’t want to go back. You should check some best projector here.

After reading this Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Review you will be able to decide whether it is worth buy or not.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Review

Features of Galaxy Note 20

  • S Pen & Samsung Notes
  • Intelligent Battery & Super Fast Charge
  • Display & Gaming: The best Galaxy mobile gaming and display experience.
  • HyperFast Processor: Multitask with Samsung’s fastest Note processor.
  • Point to share: With point to share technology, you can share information directly with other compatible Samsung devices.
  • Expandable Memory: Store all your hi-res photos and videos with expandable memory.
  • Power of 5G: Get next-level power for everything you love to do with Samsung Galaxy 5G.


The thickness feels just right though. It might not look like it. The way to surprisingly, even the distributors, the bezels have practically disappeared. The S pen has finally achieved its original objective of feeling truly like pen on paper.

The screen is so bright. This display genuinely is a masterpiece. You set a good wallpaper on this phone and it feels like you’re holding an edgeless, digital tapestry and interacting with it as a joy too, because Samsung’s haptics are amazing.

Plus, it comes with some of the best news that something has ever announced. The new phone that these phones are going to get three years of guaranteed software updates compared to the S 20 ultra.

Earlier this year, they’ve toned down their marketing. They’ve turned down their claims. They’ve turned down their price while at the same time, actually delivering more value.

Camera of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 2020

Now, admittedly, it is tough to get excited about a camera. this has one important part over the last 20 ultra in that the camera feels lighter, faster, shutter speed, quicker, less janky, zooming, and way faster.

Focusing of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Review

Thanks to the new laser autofocus module. Not perfect focusing still, but far better. Plus the phone itself is just physically less heavy. So that contributes to this feeling of lightness.

The selfie is a good to aided further by the fact that you can hold your phone further away than normal and still take a photo by using the S pen. So, these are actually some of the widest selfies you can get right now.

It’s still not as reliable as the iPhone camera when you’re taking portraits. for example, 98% of the time this phone out to capture something, you will be at least satisfied with the result. The 2% of times where you will have a problem, rather than just because of how these 108 megapixels produces images, because there’s a very narrow plane of focus.

It’s a camera system it could be better and they will find to improve it in the future. You will got very little to complain about. In fact, probably the biggest complaint is just the fact that it doesn’t seem to know when to switch to the telephoto camera.

When you’re zooming into things, it should switch. As soon as you pass five times zoom to maintain quality, but sometimes you have had to get to 11 times zoom before the phone finally realizes, we should probably change lenses.

Now also massively underrated feature is the new Samsung depths. This went from first needing a specialized doc just to work to then needing just a cable to now needing nothing. And it’s probably one of the use cases that truly shows the power of the phone.

Being able to show your photo album while playing a YouTube video and doing five other things at the same time really is quite cool.

And pretty much all of those things are just Samsung being Samsung, like how they choose to be sharp corners on the note phones to distinguish them from the S phones.

5G Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Review

It’s a five G phone in some regions, you get the snap an eight 65 plus chipset, literally the best that has to offer. But in other regions you get the Exynos nine 90, which is about as good as the Snapdragon from last year.

For some people, the base model will have 256 gigs of storage. But in others you’ll get 128. I even found out that if you live in some regions like Pakistan, or if you go for the LTE variant, the no 20 ultra-starts at eight gigabytes of Ram in 2020, you can get a phone with light in its name that has eight gigabytes of Ram.

This lineup is so confusing that if you want to know how good the note 20 ultra actually is, then you’ve almost got to make sure that you only read articles that are coming from the country that you’re planning on buying the phone in.

Otherwise your kind of looking at a different phone. So, the issue that brings in the UK is that the Exynos chip we get is not particularly battery efficient.

Battery Life of Note 20 Ultra Review

The battery life is good, not great. The note 20 ultra over there can last up to an hour more of screen on time, the charging speed is fine, but does slow to a crawl as the battery is nearly full. So the takeaway of all of this is really quite here’s the note versus most of its competition.

And actually, right off the bat, we can get rid of the S 20 ultra just because of how this is similar, but better.

So that leaves us with the OnePlus 8 Pro a great pro-level phone for less the iPhone 11 pro max, if iOS is your platform of choice, although it might make sense at the stage to wait for the iPhone 12 series coming soon and galaxy note 20 ultra as may be your phone of choice right now.

If budget isn’t an issue providing, you’re okay with the fact that this is very much a Samsung experience, the way it takes photos, the software, the slight extra Exynos battery drain. Then this really is Samsung’s pinnacle.

Bottom Line Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Review

The combination of years of redesigns and problem fixes. It does make one dream about what this phone could have been. Have you had clean Google pixel software and Google’s image processing algorithm, but we have what we have?

This feels so close to the perfect bar phone that we imagined when smartphones started. Maybe it’ll be through foldables maybe something else entirely, but for now the galaxy note 20 ultra review is a go, especially if you can get the snap conversion.

It was the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Review and if you find it fruitful then check our new updates for great reviews.

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