The Best HP Laptop for Home Use

In this article we’re going to be checking out the Best HP Laptop for Home Use, you can buy right now. The list is based on my personal opinion and hours of research and I’ve listed them based on performance features and price. I’ve included options for every type of user so, whether you’re looking for an affordable laptop for school or a premium feature-rich business laptop, we have a laptop for you.

HP Stream 14-inch

HP Stream 14-inch Laptop Best HP Laptop for Home Use

Features of HP Stream 14-inch

  • Cloud Storage: HP includes a one-year subscription to one terabyte of online cloud storage on Microsoft one drive. And use of office 365 personal edition.
  • Design: The slim and light design measuring about 0.77 by 13.27 by 8.9 inches and weighs only just over 3 pounds.
  • Processor: You get the AMD dual core a series and the AMD Radeon r3 graphics card with four gigabytes of memory.


The 3rd product on our list is the HP Stream 14-inch Laptop. This is our best cheap Chromebook alternative if you want one of the cheapest Windows laptops without jumping on the Chromebook bandwagon the $230 HP stream 14 is one of the most affordable laptops available and comes with Windows 10.

Great Visuals of The Best HP Laptop for Home Use

So, whether you’ve got papers to write for class emails to prepare for the next meeting or you want to see what’s trending on your social media accounts. You’ll be able to rely on the dual-core stream 14 to get you through your day. You’ll be impressed with how the 14 inch display gives you some great visuals at 1366 by 768 resolution with good color and clear sharp text.

Sleek Design and Plastic Looks of The Best HP Laptop

It’s a great choice for everyday use and you won’t have any issues with incompatible or limited software because you’re on a different operating system like the Chrome OS on Chromebooks. You’ll like the sleek design and the plastic looks higher quality than many entry-level laptops and Chromebooks. The slim and light design makes it extremely easy to carry around.

If you need a little more power but still want the portability. Check out the sleek Ultra-book HP Envy 13 or go all out with the gaming laptop HP Omen 17T.

  • Price: Extremely well priced to even compete with Chromebooks.
  • Battery: Very good battery life with up to nine hours of runtime.
  • Storage: 64 gigabytes emmc flash drive for a significant performance.
  • Boost Ports: You get plenty of input and output options including HDMI.
  • Viewing Angle: Its narrower than higher priced laptops.
  • Ram: You only get four gigabyte RAM which isn’t much but it’s on par with lower ended Chromebooks.

Why HP Stream 14-inch Laptop

If you don’t need to edit videos or touch up high-res photos and just want a reliable laptop that performs well for everyday tasks at a very affordable price. Then the HP stream 14 is one of the cheapest laptops available.

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HP Omen 17T

HP Omen 17 The Best HP Laptop for Home Use

Features of HP Omen 17t

  • GeForce RTX: You get an 8 gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 GPU core i7 processor 16 gigabytes of dual channel memory and a 144 Hertz full HD display.
  • Omen Command center utility lets you customize the RGB lighting and other features.

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The 2nd product on our list is the HP Omen 17t. This is our best HP gaming laptop. If you’re a gamer looking for an affordable gaming laptop. The $1,350 HP omen 17 t is a gamer’s dream machine that’s incredibly priced looks can be deceiving.

Gaming Beast The Best HP Laptop for Home Use

It may look conservatively designed on the outside with a mix of metal and plastic but open and you’ll instantly know it’s a gaming Beast. You’ll love the fact that the 17-inch ultra HD gaming laptop is g-sync enabled with high brightness ample color and anti-glare surface and wide viewing angles. So, you’ll get an awesome gaming experience.

Advance Features of The Best HP Laptop for Home Use

You’ll also find six dedicated macro keys along the left side of the four zone RGB backlit keyboard that will definitely come in handy which is a bonus that even some premium gaming machines don’t have. The omen 17t is one of the few to use the full strength of NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics with a g-sync display a pairing not found on even more expensive laptops for one of the smoothest gaming experiences around on the downside.

The NVIDIA GPU is a battery eater and of course great gaming isn’t complete without great sound. The side facing Bang & Olufsen tunes speakers are awesome that deliver a full dynamic sound.

  • Powerful Awesome: Gaming performance with full power NVIDIA GPU g-sync high refresh rate g-sync
  • Display Options: Lots of factory options to customize your machine.
  • Speakers: Bang & Olufsen tuned speakers.
  • Macro Keys: You get six programmable macro keys.
  • Noisy: The cooling fans can get a little noisy.
  • Keyboard: Backlighting relatively dim and not perky configurable.

Why HP Omen 17t

The HP’s omen 17t is a gaming Beast with power performance and options that can compete with the big boys but cost significantly less. If you’re a serious gamer looking for a serious gaming laptop without seriously damaging the wallet The Omen is a sign that you should seriously consider.

HP Envy 13t

HP Envy 13t The Best HP Laptop for Home Use

Features of HP Envy 13t

  • Intel Core i7 85sixty-five you processor with integrated graphics eight gigabytes of RAM and a 256 gigabyte nvme SSD.
  • Security Features: Facial recognition in onboard fingerprint reader. There’s also a miniscule sliding switch that kills the webcam. if you’re concerned about online snoops.

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The 1st product on our list is the HP Envy 13T. This is our best HP Ultrabook. If you’re looking for an upscale but not too premium laptop the $800 HP Envy 13T fits in nicely between the pavilion and the specter models.

Portable and Sleek Design of Best HP Laptop for Home Use

It’s a great ultra-book that’s light and powerful to empower your life on the go. You’ll love the ultra-sleek design and powerful entertainment features state-of-the-art, security so, your privacy and data stay secure whether you’re at home or on the road. It’s very portable being an Ultrabook. You’ll find it easy and convenient to take it anywhere with you.

Brilliant and Saturated Picture Quality of Best HP Laptop for Home Use

The battery life is substantial so you’ll have no worries there. The picture quality from the full HD display is brilliant clear and saturated. It can be upgraded to a touchscreen or a 4k touchscreen. If you’re interested in a touchscreen, you may consider the HP specter x360 13T which is a two-in-one that has a touchscreen and can be used as a tablet.

Webcam Capture of Best HP Laptop for Home Use

The 720 pixel webcam captures above-average images sharp and well-lit with minimal grain or noise. It’s not a face-recognition camera but if you’re a Windows hello fan you can skip passwords and use the fingerprint reader on the keyboard deck. The full-size island style back-lit keyboard itself is comfortable to type on. You’ll feel it’s quiet and snappy but the travel is a little shallow. The wide button-less touch-pad glides and tapped smoothly and clicks almost silently.

  • Design: Gorgeous clamshell design with anodized aluminum chassis.
  • Display: The full HD display is brilliant clear and saturated and can be upgraded as a touchscreen or 4k touchscreen display.
  • Battery: Delivers solid battery performance.
  • Sound: Crisp and clear from four Bang & Olufsen tuned speakers.
  • Ports: There are ample ports including a micro SD card slot.
  • No Thunderbolt 3: disappointing since many competitors in its class have them.

Why HP Envy 13t

if you’re looking for a great Ultra-book without paying for the two-in-one feature and prefer a straightforward clam-shell design. You’ll find HP ENVY 13 is a stylish alternative to 13.3-inch ultra-portables costing hundreds more.

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