The Best HP Officejet Pro 8025 Review

This is HP officejet pro 8025 review. After reading you will be able to decide whether it is worthy or not. If you are in need of wireless printer then check Epson XP-340 Wifi Printer Review

HP Officejet Pro 8025 Review
HP Officejet Pro 8025 Review

HP Officejet Pro 8025 Review

Today we are looking at the HP Officejet Pro 8025 Review wireless all in one printer, which is pretty much identical to the HP office jet pro 8028 and 8035. The differences seem to be where these devices are sold and what ink subscriptions they come with.

 But other than that, these three units are pretty much the same. At first glance HP Officejet Pro 8025. Isn’t exactly we being compact printer yet? It isn’t unusually large, either measuring in at about 18 inches in length by about 15 inches deep by about 9 and 1/2 inches tall. If you want the best Brother HL-l2350dw Monochrome Laser Printer then check here.

Body of HP Officejet, The Best Printer in 2020

The body’s made from plaque and the design language seems to remind you of printers from the late 90s or early two thousand. The body has a combination of white and gray panels with a touch of modern flare. The 8025 is reasonably straightforward to set up no serious aggravations or surprises with them.

Main Interface

One set up and powered on you’ll notice that the printer’s main interface is it’s 2.7-inch color touch screen, which it’s about 45 degrees to give you better viewing angles. The menus and options on the touch screen are intuitive.

And the screen itself is responsive and worked pretty well. The power indicator light and the wifi indicator light are to the left of the screen. And the power button is right above it.

This being an all in one printer means it can print, scan, copy, and send faxes in order to fax scan or mail copies, you can either use the extremely useful automatically document feeder, which can handle up to 335 sheets of letter or a four sized paper.

Or you can use this scan bed right beneath it. That’ll also handle singles as large as letter or A4. And by the way, the automatic document feeder has this compartment that you can open to clear any paper jams that you might have.

It also has other panel that allows you to easily remove a large set of originals. Once you’re done making copies or scanning a pretty thoughtful touch.

Copies of HP

When it comes to making copies, the 8025 gives you quite a few really useful options, like being able to make copies of photos and ID cards, making double sided copies, previewing copies before printing them and even resizing documents before you make copies. All helpful features for the home office.

Scanning by HP Officejet Pro

When it comes to scanning, you can scan to your computer or smartphone using the HP smart app. The app lets you save these scans either as PDFs or as JPEGs. You can also scan and send to an email address of your choice as with copying and scanning. The 8025 also comes with quite a few features for folks looking to send a fax that is if you stole, for some reason, need to send a fax.

And in case you’re wondering the phone Jack and extension Jack for the facts are at the back of the printer. So, if for some reason you choose not to connect to your printer wirelessly, you have two wired connection options.

You can either connect the printer to a single computer using the USB port on the back, or you can connect the printer to a wired network using the ethernet port, which is right next to the USB port.

Printing of HP Officejet Pro 8025

When it comes to printing, you can print to the 8025 from almost any device in your home.

As long as that device is on the same wifi network, as the printer printing from a phone and a Mac or PC worked flawlessly, the 8025 is fed paper from the closed paper tray, which can hold up to 225 sheets as large as eight and a half by 14 inches.

In order to accommodate these larger sheet sizes, you will have to extend the paper tray using the extension tabs on the inside of the paper tray. The trays paper guides also accept up to 10 envelopes at a time.

The 8025, 28 and 35 use four 9, 10 series cartridges, which are located in the compartment in the middle of the printer, either use the standard versions of the 9, 10 series or double your print yield by buying the 9, 10XL series cartridges.

Print Quality, HP Officejet Pro

When it comes to print quality, the 8025 definitely outperforms home grade printers, both when it comes to color and black and white prints. The black and white prints are crisp and consistent. The color prints are also having a better quality than your average entry level home color printer. The colors are well reproduced and the images are sharp and well saturated.

Print Speed of HP Officejet Pro 8025

When it comes to print speed, the results are a mixed bag. The black and white print speed is pretty decent. However, the color print speed is unusually and painfully slow. The HP advertises a print speed of 10 color pages per minute.

Build Quality of HP Officejet Pro

Another substantial issue with this series of printers is the build quality. The panel gaps are uneven. Several panels are slightly misaligned and many of these panels almost appear to have been added on later after the rest of the printer was designed. And worst of all, the locking mechanism of the white panel on the front is very poorly designed.

The panel keeps flopping open with the slightest amount of movement anywhere in the front. This amateurish mechanical design and poor build quality are just not things you expect from an HP printer. So, should you get the HP office jet pro 8,000 series printers?

I honestly cannot recommend these to anyone looking for a printer for their home or home office. If you’re looking to mainly print scan and copy documents in your home office, I recommend investing in an all in one laser printer, like the hp laserjet pro m29. And if you’re looking for an all in one printer for home uses, I’d recommend the HP OfficeJet 3830.

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